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Healing Stones

Shamanic Healing

 Shamanism is the original medicine practiced and passed down for thousands of years by  people and cultures around the world. Shamanic healing combines energy work, sounds, and conversation to bring the whole person into balance with the world. People seek Shamanic healing for stress, trauma, wellbeing, and as a supplement to traditional medicine and therapy.

Shamanic Healing

New Client 90 min ~ $120
Followup 60 min ~ $100


Shamanic healing is a physical, mental, and energetic journey between the Shaman and client. Through conversation in a safe space, the Shaman uses his training and intuitiveness to identify blocked chakras, energetic and emotional imbalances to create the correct treatment path for the client's session.  The Shaman works on multiple planes of existence to help the client realize that they are not emotionally, or spiritually alone to deal with life's great challenges.

Chakra Balancing

30 min ~ $45

Colorful Crystal

The Chakras are the center of energy in the body. They promote physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Over the course of time, stressful situations, illness, and other events can knock your Chakras off balance. Working with a Shaman is one way to bring your energy and corresponding Chakras back into a state of evenness. There are many ways to balance the Chakras, and for healing it is an important first step in the process. Chakra balancing is almost always incorporated into a Shaman healing session, but there are times when you may just need a quick little adjustment. Think of it as Chiropractic session for the soul. The 30-minute Chakra balance is this quick adjustment. Shaman Chris will ask you a few questions about what is going on in your life that may contribute to your Chakras being a little off. You will then lay down on the table and using tools like a pendulum to see what areas need attention and with his rattle Chris will work with your energy to bring balance back into your life. This session is not an in depth Shaman session, but does give you a little bit of glance into the powers of Shaman healing.

Wine & Spirit

90 min class ~ $49

Next class:
July 19, 2024


Offered at Little Bird Wellness East Granby, the wine and spirit group Fire Ceremony experience is led by Chris, our resident Shaman. We will gather around our (indoor) fire, where he will educate around Shamanism and the Fire Ceremony practice, before guiding the group in a meditative journey. Afterwards, we will gather over a glass of wine (in partnership with Brignole Vineyards) to discuss the experience if desired. This is a fun and inviting way to learn more about shaman healing.

Transpersonal Coaching

New Client 90 min ~ $120
Followup 60 min ~ $100

Image by Estée Janssens

Whatever your reason for seeking out a coach, having someone to walk with you through life's challenges can be a very valuable thing. Drawing on his experience through many different work places and life circumstances, Chris can be a powerful ally in your journey of self discovery.

Shamanic Home Cleansing

90 minutes ~ starting at $400


Shamanic House cleansing is a ceremony performed to release unwanted (negative) energies and entities from your home, office, or property. Shaman Chris will work with his spirit guides to flush out these negative energies which may have settled in your space. When should you request a Shamanic cleansing?  When moving into a new home because you may not know how much negativity may have been left by the previous occupants.  You detect a negative presence, or a new uneasy feeling that is not normal for you or your family.  Items have been misplaced or moved for unexplainable reasons.  You, a family member, or quests have been clumsy, unexplained trips and falls, dropping dishes or other unusual events.  There has been more fighting or arguments than normal for your family.  A negative person has recently moved out/off the property.  Abnormal changes in sleeping habits that cannot be explained. What happens during a Shamanic Cleansing. Chris will spend a few minutes with the client to better understand the concerns and or events that lead to the request for assistance. Chris will then walk with the client to better understand the space and specifics of any events in those areas. Chris will use sound (Rattles and Drum) to excite the negative energy or ask the entity to show itself to him. Then using Sage, Palo Santo, Sweet Grass, and other native herbs, Chris will cleanse the space (smoke them out). Once Chris is confident the space is cleansed, he will open a door or window at two different sides of the space and use the drums and rattles to guide the negative energies trapped in the smoke out into the world to be recycled back into the universe. Depending on the size of the space a typical session takes approximately 90 mins, with another 30 mins to air out the space.

Couples Shamanic Breathwork

60 min ~ $120

Couple Holding Hands

Breathing and grounding are important aspects of Shamanic Healing work. Based on traditional Shamanic healing and sprinkling in some basic Tantric techniques Shaman Chris has created a couples session designed to enhance energetic connections and intimacy. In this one-hour session Shaman Chris will guide the couple through five exercises designed specifically to deepen emotional, energetic, and physical connections. These exercises are an additional way for couples to explore new ways of being together and to tap into the powerful energy of love and affection.

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